About Project Mayhem – Barack Obama’s Favorite New Rock Band!

Oprah raves – “Project Mayhem is a near life experience!”

Formed by Oscar Grauci and Kowalski at Kowalski’s dad’s car dealership, Project Mayhem rose to the top of heap of a decaying music scene with its flair for classic psychedelic-infused rock and roll and country. Their first album, the ingeniously titled masterwork: Transcend Your Contempt, made Project Mayhem overnight darlings of the automotive beats set, with their take no prisoners approach to recording and touring, Project Mayhem remains the definitive rock act of the millennium. As stated, by one fan, “I’ve seen a lot bands play, but I am going to remember seeing Project Mayhem on my deathbed.” Hailed by critics and fans alike, as the heroes of rock, Project Mayhem is more than a band, they’re the ultimate experience.

Transcend Your Contempt
Is She Still Alive - Project Mayhem
Until The Night's Half Over
The Darkside of the Moonshine
She Took the Last Train from the Trailer Park
Project Mayhem - Idiocracy
Coup D'Etat (Circle Jerks Cover)
Project Mayhem - Spanish Eyes
Project Mayhem - I Don't Mind - Original Song
Shot with a Diamond Bullet

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